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Event Agency

Working With An Event Agency: What To Expect At Your Consultation

If you've always planned your corporate events before, you may be unsure of what to expect when you work with an event services company. At Matrix Events, we cover every aspect of your event, from planning to clean up. We need to understand your vision for your event so we can make the ideas in your head come alive.



At your consultation with us, we'll talk to you about your event. If it's an annual event or an event that you've hosted in the past, we'll talk to you about what went well at previous events, and what needs to be changed. We'll go over what you believe are your biggest stumbling blocks in creating a flawless evening. We'll talk about potential pricing, the number of guests you think we should expect, and we'll present you with some different choices in how your event will be put together.



We invite you to ask any questions that you may have about our event agency. We know that putting forward a flawless event is essential, and we're here to make your event as simple for you as possible. We take the heavy lifting and the details off your shoulders so that you no longer have to worry about who's sitting where, whether tickets have been comped, what time the valet parking company shows up, and any other minute details that can so easily slip through the cracks.



After your consultation, we'll go over some different pricing options with you. We understand that your pricing options need to fit your budget, and we offer a wide range of services. We'll work with you on creating an event services solution that makes sense for your needs. At our event agency, we believe that events should be fun - not stressful. We're here to help!

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