Due to the digital nature of virtual events, the possibilities are limitless. We create custom content that your audience can enjoy anytime, anywhere and we can use these recordings for future projects. 

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Why go Virtual with your Event?

Percentage of registered guests that attend our events


Matrix Events average


Industry average
Percentage of guests that stay for the entire event


Matrix Events average


Industry average

More benefits of going virtual​

  • ​Easy scalability

  • Distribution at nominal incremental costs

  • ROI can be much higher than traditional in-person events


Events now are more TV production than the theatrical productions we associate with live events.  We’re in the studio almost every day learning new virtual event platforms, camera angles, writing scripts, developing props and generally aiming to create virtual experiences that are worth watching. Zoom fatigue is real and we have the antidote. 

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Our experience kits are filled with high-end products that bring your virtual events to life. Once receiving the kits, 90% of registered guests attend our virtual events (40% higher than industry average without kits) and we retain 87% of guests throughout the event. We design the kits to be ready straight out of the box - think pre-baked cupcakes with frost-filled piping bags ready for decorating. We make all of our experiences approachable for everyone that are interesting and fun to enjoy from the safety of your own home.


Events have always been about more than just communicating a message. Events are meant to transport attendees to a different world of visual and auditory delight. These experiences help connect brands to their audiences. If we can be entertained at home with movies and television, our online events also are just as entertaining and engaging. 

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Delivering live content on stage can be hard, but most corporations have had years of experiences perfecting their on-stage craft. It’s a whole new world delivering awesome and engaging content on a zoom call. If you’re really trying to engage and communicate a memorable message, high production value (good audio, lighting & video quality), speaker rehearsals and new techniques are required to really reach your audience. We work with your speakers and content to deliver in a new era of communications.


Content used to be king, now it’s the whole board.  When your only ability to communicate with your audience is digitally, your content better be on point.  We help craft your message for the new age, just like a real television presenter with all the production, video and high-end graphics. That has become the expectation of every form of communication. Allow Matrix Events to take your online/virtual communications to the new normal.

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