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Procuring. Packaging. Packing. Shipping.

From Event Experience Kits to Corporate Gifting, our internal fulfillment process consists of:
» Carefully curating premium products «
» Designing custom branded packaging «
» Packing and shipping your boxes with care «

Whether it's a fulfillment for a dozen or a thousand, our professional team provides solutions and services for all your fulfillment needs.

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Event Experience Kits

Our Experience Kits offer a unique and thoughtful way to elevate your virtual or hybrid events with a shared physical component. Carefully curated with branded swag and premium products, our kits are sure to leave a lasting impression. 

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Corporate Gifting

From champagne and caviar to coffee and chocolate, we offer dozens of elevated options for your corporate gifting programs. Whether you need a one-off milestone gift or a thousand branded swag items, our team can fulfill your gifting needs. 

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Go Green

We offer plenty of options to "go green" on your fulfillments, including products and packaging that are:

- Eco-Friendly, Renewable

- Compostable, Biodegradable

- Fair Trade, Ethical

Ask about sustainable solutions.

Let's start planning your next event!

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