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Welcome to the future of events! With our experience in live events combined with our quickly growing portfolio of virtual events, we aim to elevate the overall event experience.

We Produce More Than An Event!

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Venue and Studio

With Matrix Events, you’re guaranteed a team that has an extensive background in producing both live and virtual experiences successfully. No matter the challenge this past year, we’ve thrived - and now we’re on the forefront of the most exciting opportunity this industry has seen…hybrid events! 


Creating an inclusive and engaging atmosphere is #1 - which is why having a team knowledgeable in both fields is essential. We have the logistical prowess to pull together a truly incredible hybrid event!

Worldwide Reach

We’ll go the extra mile - so you don’t have to! 

With a hybrid event, you don’t have to limit yourself to one region - reach a global audience with your message! Entertain guests from around the world. Offering both a live and virtual platform allows you to engage prospective clients who can attend in-person - and those who can’t! Matrix Events is ready to prove to you just how effective our team can be in securing lasting connections.

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Specialized Content

There are three components to a successful hybrid event: the live portion, the virtual portion, and the art of combining the two. 


Our aim at Matrix Events is to immerse guests in unique yet unifying experiences whether they attend in-person or virtually. In order to engage everyone, and to get your message to truly resonate with both sets of attendees, each audience requires their own specialized content. 

Two Teams

Two teams are necessary to execute a hybrid event. While one team dedicates itself tirelessly to the live portion, the other will tackle the virtual, with one Project Manager overseeing the event as a whole. This way, transitions run seamlessly and engagement between both audiences is assured.

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Tying it all together - the Matrix way! 


Cohesion between both the live and virtual portions of the event is vital for high-end execution - and desired results! It’s all in the details. Making sure everyone feels like they’ve shared part in the same event, whether they attended in-person or virtually, is key. Our highest priority is enjoyment and engagement across all platforms. Even at home, we guarantee your guests will want to join in the fun! 

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