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Conference Mingling

Hybrid events

Inclusive. Innovative. Imaginative.

Hybrid events bring together live and digital attendees to participate in interactive and engaging experiences. Successfully orchestrating a successful hybrid demands the seamless coordination of two simultaneous events. With over two decades of expertise in live event management and the production of over 400 virtual events in the past five years, Matrix Events is exceptionally equipped to deliver extraordinary hybrid experiences.

Organizing the Calendar

Planning & Logistics

With a focus on even the smallest details, our thorough planning approach ensures that every logistical element of the event is precisely tailored to meet the objectives of your event in a hybrid capacity.

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Technical & Audiovisual

Matrix Events provides top-notch technical production and support for complex hybrid events. From setting up high-quality audiovisual equipment to managing interactive virtual platforms, we are committed to delivering exceptional technical services.

Museum Employees

Venues & Vendors

From sourcing venues and managing vendors to coordinating suppliers and tracking budgets and resources, we handle all the behind-the-scenes operations, allowing our clients to enjoy a smooth and stress-free event experience.

Giving a Presentation

Content Creation

We specialize in the art of crafting and composing compelling content. Our goal is to produce engaging messaging that not only captivates but also motivates your audience to take meaningful action long after the experience has ended.

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Creative Cohesion

By seamlessly integrating design, logistics, and production, we create an immersive hybrid experience that captivates attendees and amplifies the event content. From digital imagery to printed signage, every touchpoint will be creative and cohesive.


Experience Kits

Our Experience Kits offer a unique and thoughtful way to elevate your hybrid event with a shared physical component. Carefully curated with branded swag and premium products, our kits are sure to leave a lasting impression. 

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