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We Produce More Than An Event

Event Consultancy

Before venues & menus are discussed, Matrix Events dives deep into the health, direction and challenges of your business and then engineers solutions that are More Than an Event.  

We understand that while an event is an important milestone for any organization, the necessary outcomes of this live experience are first and foremost in our consultative event planning process. Objectives and Strategy are always first and then we develop the tactics and logistics to achieve your desired results.  

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Employee Engagement

We engineer experiences to change the hearts and minds of your most important resource, your team members.  Whether it’s an internal engagement activation to get your sales team kicked-off for a new selling season or an external consumer facing project to sell more widgets, it’s all about engaging your internal team to drive results.

Event Production & Design

Matrix Events is the bedrock of any great event company - award-winning, world-class event design, logistics and production. Millimeter perfect design, detail-obsessed logistics and cutting-edge production all custom built to achieve your objectives.

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Executive Presentations

Content is King!  This is the most important aspect of any engagement: What is the message, how is it being received, and what actions will the audience take away post-experience? We help design, craft and deliver inspiring messages that move your guests to action.  

Creative +

We think differently because we are different.  Graphics, copywriting, video, presentations and communications – we do it all with the Matrix flair to ensure you achieve you and your company’s objectives. 

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