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KubeCon Chicago

Live, Trade Show, Expo

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Portworx by Pure Storage
KubeCon Chicago
Technology (Data Storage)
Event Type
Live, Trade Show, Expo
Chicago, IL
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The Challenge

Design and deliver a multi-day Expo booth with a high production quality at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. The booth should have features that attract customers, a message that holds their attention, and incentives that entice them to continue the conversation. Our client also wanted us to plan and execute two large offsite events at classic Chicago venues near the convention center.

The Solution

After an in-depth consultation with our client to fully understand their objectives and goals for the expo booth, we developed a strategy that revolved around a large LED wall in the center of the booth. By working with one of our preferred, trusted vendors, we were able to build and deliver a turnkey booth with a 20-foot LED wall at nearly half the price of other booth builders. In addition, we sourced and managed talented brand ambassadors to engage the crowd, connect interested customers with our clients, and scan their badges for lead generation and prizes.

The Outcome

The large, attention-grabbing LED screen brought in high interest from the audience, and with the help of our talented crowd pullers, our client received a nearly 400% increase in customer leads over the previous year! They were extremely impressed and satisfied with both the expo booth and the two offsite events we planned and produced, and they immediately locked us in for the next year’s expo.

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