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30th Annual DRNA Nightingale Recognition Banquet

Live, Gala

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Colorado Nurses Foundation
30th Annual DRNA Nightingale Recognition Banquet
Event Type
Live, Gala
Denver, CO
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The Challenge

The Colorado Nurses Foundation utilized our services once again for an in-person awards ceremony for their 30th Annual Denver Metro Regional Nightingale Recognition Banquet in 2022 after a Virtual ceremony in 2021. During the live event, they wanted to acknowledge every honoree and recipient onstage, which required precise planning and execution.

The Solution

This milestone event that honored over 240 nominees in nursing excellence demanded a high attention to detail, a well thought out Run of Show, and creative elements that would keep the audience engaged during the long ceremony. Our team came together to deliver custom creative deliverables, engaging content, and interactive elements like a Step and Repeat photo wall that everyone could enjoy.

The Outcome

Our team provided over 240 nurse nominees their moment of recognition by coordinating a runway walk for every single nominated nurse. While this did extend the event past 4 hours, the planning committee felt it was imperative for each nurse to be individually recognized and have their moment on the catwalk. Every nominee walked the runway and had a custom 15-second slide, quote and picture from their service.

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