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HP Envy Laptop Launch

International, Live

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HP Envy Laptop Launch
Information Technology & Computer Manufacturing
Event Type
International, Live
Mumbai, Sydney, Singapore & Bangkok
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The Challenge

HP tasked us with launching the new HP Envy laptop in 4 major cities across the APAC market within a tight 6-week timeframe. Our challenge was to create a unique and technology-driven activation that would ignite local audiences' excitement about the new product.

The Solution

Under Ben Fox's leadership, our creative team devised a concept centered on an oversized laptop, showcasing its high-resolution screen and Beats audio system. We built the world's first interactive, working oversized laptop (16' wide x 11' high) to demonstrate HP's new product features. Guests played a custom game on HP laptops, competing to catch feathers and spelling out "HP Next Level Light" on the giant laptop for a chance to win a new HP laptop every hour.

The Outcome

The event surpassed expectations, engaging over 1,200 participants across the four locations. We introduced a camera to capture guests spelling on the oversized laptop, a pioneering feat in event activations. This innovative approach not only showcased HP's new Envy laptop but also established a memorable and interactive experience, setting a new standard in technology-driven product launches.

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