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Rock Your Data Storage

Virtual, Hybrid, Fulfillment

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Pure Storage
Rock Your Data Storage
Technology (Data Storage)
Event Type
Virtual, Hybrid, Fulfillment
Charlotte, NC / Virtual
# Attendees

The Challenge

Our clients sought to host a virtual event focusing on Storage as a Service (STaaS) with a goal to attract a large audience. They desired a unique, enjoyable, and memorable experience, expressing interest in incorporating elements like a cover band and experience kits, leaving the creative aspects to us.

The Solution

Our Creative team brainstormed an event name that captured the essence of the theme, while our producers curated the perfect cover band to complement the messaging. After client collaboration, we settled on "Rock Your Data Storage with STaaS" and secured the Coldplay cover band "Fix You" for the event.

The Outcome

The event, live-streamed from a Charlotte music venue, exceeded expectations with over 2,000 virtual attendees. The fusion of live music, engaging experience kits, presentations, and interactive trivia created an immersive experience that kept the audience captivated throughout, leaving a lasting impact on all participants.

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We take your event from imagination to execution.

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